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New KIDS book!

Hello there! So I released a book back in 2016, the month was September. It was a children's book to teach kids some of the countries and ABC's at the same time. I just re- released it on , available in paperback and on Kindle. I created it because kids need to know that there is so much more to this world then just your city, state or country. Traveling is very important in the development of a human being.

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Voyage LA: Art & Life with Art Racc - Voyage LA Magazine - LA City Guide

Today we’d like to introduce you to Art Racc. Art, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.ART RACC is an Artist and Educator, and a product of Southern California. He began creating artwork at an early age, without traditional training; just a writing tablet, some pencils and his father’s mentorship at his disposal. ART RACC is an artist, entrepreneur and fashion designer; He is the co-founder of the clothing brand Sunset & Palm Trees Clothing, a Los Angeles-based clothing company tailored to the vacation lifestyle. Can you give our readers some background on your art? My style cannot be lumped into a single genre; I live to express myself through self-knowledge,...

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Global 1000: Global Wealth Summit

Join me as I demonstrate a live art painting for this event. August 15-17th, 2019 Global 1000 Investment Summit brings together Venture Capitalists, Tech CEO's, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Politicians and International Country Representatives for DEAL MAKING. The event hosts a Pitch Session, International Roundtable, Investment Panels, Film and Music Panels, Keynote Speakers and evening CEO to CEO Networking Receptions Spend 1 1/2 days with some of the most creative business thinkers and they share their insight into deal making and execution strategies. Global Investment Summit recently was in Miami Many of the Deal Makers in Miami will attend the Los Angeles event. Jeff Hoffman Co Founder Priceline and Tech Investor will speak on Tech Investments!

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