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A College Reunion kickoff Bash

The year of College Reunion is now underway. Get your ticket to the Kickoff Bash before early bird prices end on Tuesday, 2.20.24. This is just the beginning...To Purchase tickets, visit:

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Jeff Koons’s 125 Moon Sculptures Finally Takes Off

This is an interesting story, Jeff Koons will be the first artist to have art placed on the moon, this plan was first announced in 2022. This is exciting news for artist, when you hear the phrase sky is the limit, could it change to outer space is the limit? Check out the article and let me know your thoughts on Instagram.   If you have read this blog, go to my instagram and leave a comment on any post with the phrase, "LifeisArt" to enter into a special art giveaway.

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New KIDS book!

Hello there! So I released a book back in 2016, the month was September. It was a children's book to teach kids some of the countries and ABC's at the same time. I just re- released it on , available in paperback and on Kindle. I created it because kids need to know that there is so much more to this world then just your city, state or country. Traveling is very important in the development of a human being.

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