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Hennessy Artist

I want to create a custom Hennessy Bottle. I would create an amazing Hennessy Bottle design that would look great for consumers of the brand. If you have any information on how I can be a creator of the next Hennessy bottle, please contact me. Thanks!

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HELP! I need inspiration for my art.

So you have your supplies and now you're ready to create. WHAT THE F**K DO I CREATE? The creative process can be easy or tricky for some people. Do not feel discouraged if any ideas don't come to you instantly. Grab a piece of paper and begin by jotting down ideas. This is always the in between stage where you really need to let yourself go and allow the creativity to flow. If you've sat at your work table for the last hour staring at a blank piece of paper and now you're ready to quits, DON'T! Look for inspiration by drawing objects around you, recreate your version of your favorite cartoons. (Disney, Adult swim, Family Guy, Marvel Comics, Batman,...

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