HELP! I need inspiration for my art.

So you have your supplies and now you're ready to create.


The creative process can be easy or tricky for some people. Do not feel discouraged if any ideas don't come to you instantly. Grab a piece of paper and begin by jotting down ideas. This is always the in between stage where you really need to let yourself go and allow the creativity to flow. If you've sat at your work table for the last hour staring at a blank piece of paper and now you're ready to quits, DON'T!

Look for inspiration by drawing objects around you, recreate your version of your favorite cartoons. (Disney, Adult swim, Family Guy, Marvel Comics, Batman, Superman, Rick & Morty, Sponge bob...There are so many cartoons to pick from.)

"I don't like cartoons Art Racc"

Ok! Pick a person or topic to draw. Political satire is one of my favorite types of art to create. It's brings ease to frustrating situations that are seen on "Fake News", and I use that term loosely. :/ If you watch the news, you might find an interesting issue that you want to bring awareness too.

"I'm not into politics Art Racc"

Go out into nature and create an image. Make it an experience by going to a park, beach, watching the sunset or people watch and see what you can create from that. The bottom line is, there are a number of options for you to pick from so there are no excuses as to why you can not create. I hope this blog post gave inspiration to help get you started on your path of becoming the next Warhol, Picasso or Basquiat.