Art Supplies needed to create ART

creative art

1. Motivation

For some people, drawing can be scary, what do I draw? How do I start? Draw shapes or items around you to begin and allow whatever comes out of it to go.
Art is about creative expression.
drawing paper

2. Drawing paper

You need a surface to draw out your sketches. You can find inexpensive artpads at Michaels or Blick Art Supplies, also google your local art supply store.


3. Eraser

Although I am not a fan of erasing, there are times when it is needed, especially if your just beginning out as an artist.
drawing pad

4. Painting surface

Pick a surface to paint on: a canvas, matte paper, jacket, jeans, shoes, pottery, etc. Jean Michael Basquiat would somethings paint on anything he could get his hands on. You are not limited to any particular surface.

paint palette

5. Paint palette

A paint palette is neccessary to mix and arrange your colors so that you know what your painting on. These are very inexpensive and can also be purchased at any art supply store.


6. Brushes

When your painting, you may need brushes, unless your using a knife or sponge to create your artwork.
michaels artist loft acrylic paints

7. Paint

Finally, paint is very important to have. If your just starting out, acylics are fast drying and perfect for you to begin with.
Basic colors to begin with one blue, one red, one brown and one yellow, if you feel that you need additional colors based on what you are creating, GO FOR IT!