Adidas is launching an NFT collection with exclusive access to streetwear drops

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Adidas is getting into the NFT game. The apparel company is launching a line of NFTs on Friday, called Into the Metaverse, which will offer buyers access to what’s essentially a very exclusive fan club. NFT holders will be able to purchase special merch drops, and Adidas says members will help to shape what kinds of products and experiences the company puts together for its NFT-owning community.

“Adidas is in the metaverse,” Tareq Nazlawy, Adidas’ senior director of digital growth, tells The Verge. “We want to figure out what would be the dopest thing to do in that space and start involving the communities we’re activating through this [NFT] in how we should manifest in the virtual world.”

The launch comes after a couple weeks of crypto and metaverse hype from Adidas. The company launched digital tokens last month, which will offer holders early access to the NFT drop, and a couple weeks ago, it began tweeting vaguely about the metaverse. Adidas also bought a Bored Ape — the company named the ape Indigo Hertz — and outfitted it with a custom Adidas-branded tracksuit.


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